YS Dental (Fung Wong Building, Sheung Fung St, Chuk Un, Wong Tai Sin)

Hong Kong Dentist in Wong Tai Sin at Ground Floor, No. 4, Fung Wong Building, 37 Sheung Fung St, Chuk Un with 14 Google Reviews 4.7 on 15-Jan-2024.

YS Dental’s Chuk Un branch, strategically placed on the Ground Floor of No. 4 Fung Wong Building, 37 Sheung Fung Street, mirrors its commitment to dental excellence. The clinic’s array of offerings includes a diverse range of services, from general dentistry to advanced treatments such as periodontology and pediatric dentistry, all under one roof.

This clinic has garnered acclaim for its meticulous cleanings and pain-free procedures, with patrons applauding the attentive care they receive. Reviews highlight the team’s patience and kindness, creating an environment where dental care is synonymous with comfort and ease. The well-appointed facility boasts cleanliness and modern equipment, ensuring each patient receives the finest in dental care.

Operating from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm and closed on Mondays, the clinic accommodates various schedules, providing flexibility for those with tight calendars. Located in the vibrant Chuk Un area, the clinic is accessible by public transportation, with nearby bus and MTR stations making the journey to a healthier smile both convenient and stress-free. YS Dental stands as a pillar of the community, dedicated to offering exceptional dental services in an atmosphere that’s as welcoming as the neighborhood it serves.

Address: Ground Floor, No. 4, Fung Wong Building, 37 Sheung Fung St, Chuk Un, Hong Kong.

14 Reviews, Rated 4.7 (Google Reviews).

Directions on Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/SRLvPgBUieMwJfPEA.

Google Street View: https://maps.app.goo.gl/wczNADBJJa6in1mL6.

Website: https://www.ysdental.com.hk/.

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