Dental Clinic (Yen Fu Mansion, Hip Wo St, Kwun Tong)

Tucked away on the ground floor of Yen Fu Mansion in the heart of Kwun Tong’s dynamic community, This particular dental clinic is reputed for its professional and affordable dental services. Patrons seeking dental care find themselves at ease with the clinic’s efficient and compassionate approach, often highlighting the team’s patience and attentiveness throughout various … Read more

Prime Dental Clinic (Entrepot Centre, How Ming St, Kwun Tong)

Prime Dental Clinic emerges as a beacon of oral care in the bustling district of Kwun Tong. Nestled on the 9th floor within the Entrepot Centre, located at No. 117 How Ming Street, this clinic presents a comprehensive suite of dental treatments. General dentistry services offered, such as scaling, fillings, and extractions, are just the … Read more

Aspire Dental Care (Prosperity Place, Shing Yip St, Kwun Tong)

Located in the lively district of Kwun Tong, Aspire Dental Care on Shing Yip Street is a beacon of comprehensive dental service in Hong Kong. This clinic offers a diverse array of services ranging from standard check-ups to specialized procedures such as pure titanium implants, Invisalign, and cosmetic gum surgeries. The qualified team, featuring Dr. … Read more