Water Quality and Dental Health: Understanding Hong Kong’s Tap Water and Fluoride

Abstract Image of Tap Water in Hong Kong

In the dynamic heart of Hong Kong, discussions about tap water quality are commonplace. Amidst the city’s iconic skyscrapers and bustling streets, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for its residents is a top priority. Beyond the standard concerns of purity and cleanliness, there’s another dimension to Hong Kong’s tap water that significantly impacts the … Read more

Navigating Dental Care for Expats in Hong Kong: A Comprehensive Guide

Hong Kong (HK), an international hub and a city of contrasts, offers world-class medical and dental care, blending its rich traditions with modern techniques. For the expatriate community, understanding the local healthcare system, especially dental care, can seem like a daunting task. This guide demystifies dental care for Expats in Hong Kong, making it accessible … Read more

What is the difference between ‘Kowloon’ and ‘Kowloon City’?

Kowloon City Watercolor

“Kowloon” and “Kowloon City” refer to different geographical entities within Hong Kong, and it’s important to distinguish between the two: Kowloon Geographical Area Kowloon refers to the entire urban peninsula located to the north of Hong Kong Island, south of the main territory’s border with mainland China. It’s one of the three main regions of … Read more